Sapphire 3 Slope/Peak – Outdoor Sauna

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This 3-person hybrid sauna is a compact variant of the popular Sapphire series. Comfortable for up to 3 people simultaneously, this sauna is constructed out of natural Canadian red cedar wood parts, which only adds to the pleasurable experience.

A whole range of benefits can be gained from sauna usage that helps the body to boost its defenses. Traditional electric heaters from Harvia combined with infra-red light lamps create a perfect environment to heat the air and body directly.

Modern design with plenty of natural wood will provide additional privacy. Enjoy the look and feel of the pleasant interior for the ultimate relaxing experience.

You gain health benefits of sauna through regular use and you will want to return to this sauna time and time again.

You have a choice of sloped and peak roof for this sauna type.

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