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Replacement Stand


Replacement base to keep your Ice Barrel off the ground to gain easy access to the drain spout.

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Replacement Cover


Ice Barrel replacement UV and water resistant cover to keep your barrel protected from the elements.

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Step Stool


Light weight and durable step stool makes getting in and out of Ice Barrel simple and easy.

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Our sink or float thermometer is ideal for checking temperatures in your Ice Barrel. Simply place the thermometer into water for 1 to 3 minutes. Then remove to view the temperature.

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Our net is great for cleaning debris out of the Ice Barrel. All our frames are durable, UV protected, and manufactured with high-quality resin. Our stainless steel screen outperforms traditional nylon nets.

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Cleaning Brush


Our cleaning brush is perfect for cleaning the Ice Barrel inside and out. With its soft yet effective silicone brush head it won’t scratch or damage the barrel.

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Cleaning Soap


The perfect soap for cleaning your Ice Barrel. A custom blend of coconut and sunflower oils that’s gentle on the skin but tough on dirt and grime.

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